Are You One of the 67% of UK Homeowners Unhappy With Your Bathroom?

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A new survey has revealed that around 7 in 10 UK homeowners are unhappy with the current state of their bathrooms. Many are embarrassed when guests come round, or are desperate to renovate this particular room of the house. Does this sound like a familiar story? The research by MyBuilder involved asking 423 households how they felt about their current bathrooms. 45% said it was the room they most wanted to renovate, while more than 40% said that they feel embarrassed when friends or guests come round and ask to use the bathroom. It seems we’re also unimpressed with other people’s bathrooms, as the survey results showed that 38% avoid going to the loo when visiting friend’s houses because of the state of the bathroom.

6 of the worst bathroom problems

  1. Low water pressure in the shower
  2. Wonky toilet seat
  3. Broken flush on toilet
  4. No lock on the door
  5. Mat around the toilet
  6. Separate hot and cold taps
Other pet peeves included carpet in the bathroom and missing or badly placed toilet roll holders, according to the survey respondents. The good news for anyone experiencing these issues is that most are incredibly easy to fix. It doesn’t cost much to fit a lock or replace a toilet seat, and these solutions could make your bathroom a pleasanter place for both the household and any guests who come to visit. They can also help when it comes to selling your house.

Is it time for a bathroom renovation?

Many bathroom issues don’t get fixed because homeowners are waiting to renovate the whole of the room, so they don’t see the point in doing the small jobs. Replacing a suite can cost just a few hundred pounds, while it’s perfectly possible to bring a complete bathroom renovation in for under £3,000. Why not take the plunge and transform your bathroom?

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