Trims & Adhesives
cladding trims & solvent-free adhesives

Achieve a Flawless Finish with Titan's Cladding Trims and Adhesives

Our large range of cladding trims and solvent-free adhesives ensures you get the perfect final finish on your projects.

Titan Bathrooms finishing trims allow you to create beautiful finshies to whatever space you are applying the cladding too. The bathroom cladding trims are available in chrome, white and black to meet your varied needs. We help you achieve a professional, stylish finish for your wall cladding project by hiding all the joins of your panelling work.

Popular trim types

Starter Trim

Our U/J-shaped PVC channels begin and end a run of wall cladding to make the edging of the cladding more aesthetically appealing.

Joining Trim

These help you create a length that is more than the standard 2.6m of the panels during ceiling panel installations without leaving ugly gaps behind.

Internal Corner

These come in a variety of sizes and colors to create a neat, finished appearance in your room corners. Available in chrome or white

External Corner

These help you achieve a smooth, and clean aesthetic look around your windows by offering quality external trim. Available in chrome or white.


We offer pre-cut angled plastic solutions to allow you check the dimensions of your chosen angle trim.


Coving trims come in various designs to finish ceiling and bathroom panelling.


If you want to create reliable watertight seals around bath edges and shower trays, Cladseal is what to choose. It is compatible with our hollow form decorative wall cladding sheets and products.


Our quadrant trims are perfect for your roofline projects. They provide professional finish around internal sills and windows. Besides, they are rot-proof and maintenance-free.

PVC shower boards & cladding products

For the desired water resistance and protection when installing around showers and baths, we supply PVC shower boards and cladding products as well. This ensures you get all that you need for your next cladding project in one place.

The installation is also simple. No screws or nails are required. By simply slotting the wall panels into the available channels to cover the wall, you are done. You can use a hacksaw to cut our trims with ease to use the size that best meets your requirements.