What To Look For In a New Bathtub

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Buying a new bath isn’t always as simple as picking the one you like the look of most from a showroom or website. There are actually quite a few different factors to consider, from the practicality of the design to the aesthetics of the materials. You also need to consider budget, space, size and capacity. Here are some crucial points to remember when shopping for a new bathtub:
  • The overall style of your bathroom. If you’re not renovating the whole space, your new bath needs to fit in with the existing scheme. For example, a claw-footed bath will clash with a sleek, modern bathroom. You need to choose something more sympathetic or overhaul the whole space.
  • Functionality. Do you need a shower and bath in one? If so, do you have a suitable corner in which to put it, and is there space for a shower screen?
  • Technical constraints. The bath you choose needs to work practically in the space. It’s important to take technical concerns into account such as where existing plumbing is sited.
  • Water and power consumption. A giant bathtub may seem like a wonderful idea until the time comes to actually fill it. Then, you may realise that the bath requires gallons of water to fill and uses far too much energy to heat the water. It can take a long time to fill as well.
  • Space and size. If you have a large bathroom, you can make the bath the central feature. For smaller spaces, you may need to scale down the size of the tub and make other concessions to get something that works within the constraints of the room.
  • Top trends. To ensure your bathroom keeps up with the latest interior design trends, take a look at what’s currently fashionable in the world of bathtubs. Coloured baths are all the rage at the moment, and luxurious freestanding baths remain popular.
Last but not least, there is budget to consider. It’s worth investing in a great quality bath that will last you for years. Unless you’re running a luxury hotel though, it’s not usually a good idea to blow the whole budget on your new tub.

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