5 Steps For Creating The Perfect Wet Room

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Wet rooms are fast becoming one of the biggest bathroom trends. There are many reasons for this, firstly because they are space-saving solutions in smaller apartments and houses. Wet rooms are also easier to keep clean and look after, and they’re very versatile spaces. With a little planning, most people can have a wet room in their homes. Here are five important steps to follow to get the design spot-on:

Step 1: Plan water drainage

This is a job for the professionals, and it needs to be done properly to avoid pooling of water and flooding. The floor needs to have a very slightly sloping gradient to channel the water into a drain. The gradient can be created through the installation of a sub-floor, which is then tiled over.

Step 2: Tanking and waterproofing

One of the most crucial things to get right in wet room spaces is the waterproofing. A professional will need to cover walls and floors with primers and waterproofing membranes before tiling, all in order to prevent leaks. If this isn’t done right, it can cause damage to your whole property as water can leak out from all sides.

Step 3: Tiling

Wet rooms need to be tiled from floor to ceiling, and you’ll need to pick the right tiles. Porous tiles will need to be resealed often, which can be a laborious task. The tiling needs be done to a professional level, as any gaps can cause leaks as well as ruining the luxurious look of the room.

Step 4: Protecting against spray

While a wet room is designed to get soaked, there are some things in the bathroom that need to stay dry. Protecting toilet roll, towels and other items can be done simply by installing a full or half glass shower screen to prevent spray from getting everywhere.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Experts recommending raising the height of the door threshold of your new wet room slightly. This is just in case the drain ever becomes blocked, to prevent pooling water from flooding the house.

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