3 Things to remember when designing your new bathroom

We all know the feeling. Time for a redesign, right? Maybe your bathroom is falling apart, the walls are stained with black marks, the bright white bathtub has gone grey or a sickly yellow, or perhaps you’re just looking for a change of style? Either way, the excitement is undeniable. The idea that, soon enough, […]

Stylish and Space-Saving Ideas For Tiny Bathrooms

You don’t need a huge space in order to have a beautiful bathroom. However, tiny bathrooms do present quite a few challenges in terms of aesthetics and functionality. To maximise space and make your bathroom feel brighter and breezier, follow these tips: Go dark. You might think that painting your bathroom a gleaming white is […]

What To Look For In a New Bathtub

Buying a new bath isn’t always as simple as picking the one you like the look of most from a showroom or website. There are actually quite a few different factors to consider, from the practicality of the design to the aesthetics of the materials. You also need to consider budget, space, size and capacity. […]