3 Things to remember when designing your new bathroom

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We all know the feeling. Time for a redesign, right? Maybe your bathroom is falling apart, the walls are stained with black marks, the bright white bathtub has gone grey or a sickly yellow, or perhaps you’re just looking for a change of style? Either way, the excitement is undeniable. The idea that, soon enough, your bathroom will be looking good as new, and you’ll be free to bathe, shower, wash your hands, brush your teeth and do your daily duty in style! However, sometimes the excitement can get to you. Sometimes you focus so much on making things look nice and classy that you forget what the most important things are. So we’ve written up a quick few tips to keep you on track and give you a friendly reminder of what the most important things are.

This one covers a good few talking points, but can more or less be summed up quite quickly. Basically, you want to make sure your bathroom is smart and efficient. Worried about your toilet paper and towels getting damp and wet when you take showers? How about a shower screen? Don’t want to buy a shower as well as a bath? How about buying a two in one tub? Not only does keeping this in mind make your bathroom seem like it’s filled with gadgets and gizmos, but it also saves money and makes your bathroom run smoothly and safely.

Size and Space
Everyone loves a huge, king-sized room that has more than enough space for your designing and customizing needs. However, not everyone has heaps of room to allocate for fancy sinks, bathtubs and scented toilet paper holders. Unfortunately, not everyone has too much space to give and, if you’re one of those people, you might want to pay attention to how much elbow-room you’re leaving unoccupied. In the event that one finds themselves short on space, try to remember the essentials and don’t over-do it. You don’t want your new, gorgeous bathroom to feel claustrophobic.

This one is pretty obvious, but it does need to be talked about. A LOT of water is flowing around inside your bathroom, and usually leaks aren’t as easily avoided as people think. You should always cover your walls with primers and waterproofing membranes before tiling. As well as that, you’ll need to hire a professional to plan out water drainage . A lot of the time a botched bathroom design can cause immense leaking and damage, but if each of the above steps are taken, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Other than the tips stated above, make sure to keep an eye on your budget and don’t be afraid to design and build the bathroom in whatever style you want. Enjoy your new bubble baths, folks.

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