Items the Modern Bathroom Cannot Be Without

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Bathroom style has change considerably over the years. With advance systems and technology evolving, traditional bathrooms are now not as practical. The modern look can be achieved through implementing basic features. The key is simplicity. Here are few ideas to modernise your bathrooms.  


Lighting plays a vital part. From geometric shapes to chandeliers, there are many options to choose from. Skylights is a great way of bringing in a modern look whilst adding something different to your space.

Windows play an important part of how a bathroom looks. Natural lighting will make a room seem spacious and keep the area bright. Double glazing is a good option, and it is important for the windows to be cleaned regularly to maximise the benefits. Also keep in mind when designing your bathroom to avoid placing any items that may block the sunlight.


Investing in a stylish tub will instantly change your bathroom. A bathtub is the main feature of the room and there are many designs available to choose from. Why not try a rectangle or a curved tub rather than your traditional oval shaped? Minimalist is important, and having a white bathtub with a glass shelf will give a sleek look.


Easy way to decorate your bathroom is to add plants. Not only will this add colour but they also carry many benefits such as cleaning toxins from the air, so improving the quality of the air. With many different sizes and options available, you’re bound to find one that will fit in perfectly with your style. If real plants are not for you, there are always faux plants that will work just as well.


Mirrors are necessary for a bathroom, and placing a big mirror will give the illusion of a larger place as it will help reflect light. To add a modern twist, why not mix and match and have different sizes of mirrors to hang around the wall? Or be different and have unconventional shapes. For bathrooms with low natural lights, have a mirror with built in lights.

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