Multipanel bathroom wall panels are an elegant solution that help create beautiful spaces in your home. Multipanel have one of the largest selections of colours and finishes available in the world. The panels are made right here in the UK from sustainably sourced materials. The wall panels are fully waterproof, with no grout required, making them resistant to mould and easy to clean and maintain. The panels also come with a 30-year manufacturer guarantee for added protection.

Multipanel have several different collections to choose from including the new ranges in the Multipanel Classic Collection, Multipanel Pure Collection, Multipanel Contemporary Collection, Multipanel Neutrals Collection & Multipanel Tile Collection, the ever popular Linda Barker Collection. Each ranges offers unique colours, finishes and textures and are all compatible with each other.

Please Note: Multipanel now features an exterior grade MDF core. Follow this link if you’re looking for Plywood Core Wall Panels. While the Multipanel Neutrals Collection has been discontinued, there might be panels in stock and available for order.