Stylish and Space-Saving Ideas For Tiny Bathrooms

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You don’t need a huge space in order to have a beautiful bathroom. However, tiny bathrooms do present quite a few challenges in terms of aesthetics and functionality. To maximise space and make your bathroom feel brighter and breezier, follow these tips:
  • Go dark. You might think that painting your bathroom a gleaming white is the best way to make it feel larger, but this isn’t the only way to do it. If you paint a bathroom a very dark colour, it can create a feeling of depth and the illusion of a larger room. High gloss in a very dark shade bounces light around and makes it harder to detect where the walls and the room end.
  • Choose floating fixtures. The more floor you can see, the larger the room will feel. Wall-mounted floating sinks and toilets appear daintier and free up this valuable floor space.
  • Add a mirror wall. A bold choice, but one that can make a tiny room feel much larger and lighter. A full mirror wall bounces light around and tricks the eye into believing the space is bigger.
  • Make the whole bathroom into a wet room. If space really is limited, you could turn the whole room into a European style wet room. This eliminates the need for a shower enclosure and makes use of every inch of the space.
  • Rethink the sink. Do you really need a full-size basin, or will a mini handwashing sink do the job just as well? You can also consider installing a corner sink to free up space in the bathroom’s main traffic lane, as well as offering softer curves.
  • Use a large-scale pattern. Just like with mirror walls and dark colours, large scale patterns across practically the whole of the bathroom can confuse the eye on just the right way. The bathroom will seem bigger, as well as looking pretty stylish too.
  • Make use of height. If your bathroom is small but tall, take fittings like shower curtains right up to the ceiling to make the space feel larger. You can also make use of a higher ceiling to fit in floating shelves and other vital storage.

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